Danny Barnes

How did you develop your style of all-over-the-place single string madness? I play banjo but can't seem to get the balls to dive into the single string stuff. Any tips for practicing?

Danny Barnes responded on 06/03/2013

well, i think that might come from listening to different kinds of music, other than banjo-centric ones, and spending enough time with them that the ideas get into one's brain, prior to messing with it through the fingers. also working with different composers, they may write ideas that are linear, and must be played as such. that'll fix it pretty quick, and cause you to solve that deal. in a sense, i suppose the single string ideas are simpler than the arpeggiated passages. perhaps they are even more fundamental.
also reading out of clarinet books, and oboe books will help you.
if you want to do it, just do it. if you spend an hour a day on it for three years, you'll get good at it. if it's playing linearly on a banjo or making water balloons. :)

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