Danny Barnes

Hey Barnes, You get around a bit. Do you think there is such as thing as 'local' or regional music/musical styles? I'm pretty sure there used to be, even your current region got 'Grunge' semi-recently. But with the advent of mass produced sheet music, then records, radio, cassettes, cd, internet, cassettes (again!!!) the Global seems to have pushed aside the Local. Still, there are local or community musicians but is what any of them play ever a local genre or style of music? I didn't make any sense did I? Thanks!!

Danny Barnes responded on 07/29/2013

yes i think these things exist. in an over-arching kind of aggregated, mediated way, the phenomenon you speak of has it's relevance, in the berkelian sense, things only exist in their particulars, so those meta-narratives are as false as they are true. if a person digs around, it can be found. however, the results may greatly surprise thee.

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