Danny Barnes


A few questions to ponder in your free time. Do you remember what you were thinking as you were waiting back stage or walking out on stage for the first time at The Gorge? I got a chance to stand where a stage would be during the off season while they were transitioning to the stage they have now. Looking at the hill empty was pretty impressive. Also, what has been your favorite place to play and why?
I hope you enjoy your time in Evansville this Friday and all over Indiana for that matter. I hope you can make it back this way more often in the future. Most of your shows I caught were in Washington and Oregon, and was never disappointed. I'm really looking forward to seeing you in my hometown here in Evansville, IN.

Thanks for what you do!

Roy N Bayne

Danny Barnes responded on 07/30/2013

well i seem to remember thinking "i hope these folks are okay with me coming out here. i'm not famous or big and i'm certain they don't know me or my work, i hope they are okay with me coming out there. maybe they'll think it's okay and get a kick out out of it. i hope i don't disappoint anyone."
my favorite place to play is anywhere where i can get all my pitches going. sometimes i have the fastball but not the curve or something, and i have to work with that. [i'm speaking metaphorically of course.] it doesn't really matter the venue. if i can play good, i'm feeling good and i like it. i've played on the street and i've played at the hollywood bowl. and if i can't get my music together, i'm not having a good time no matter where it is. my whole thing is to just try and play good. i like playing where there isn't a "trip."i generally like a smaller type venue that has different kinds of music.
thank you for listening to my work.

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