Danny Barnes

Danny, would you ever consider making a banjo instructional video for intermediate banjo picker's?
I bought your acoustic version of Rocket and dig it! I would love to learn how you get all that sound (rhythm) out of your banjo. I do realize it takes years of dedication to play like you but an instructional DVD to get folks moving in your direction would be very cool. Thanks, Randy.

Danny Barnes responded on 08/26/2013

no sir, i have not. i have abandoned teaching banjo. i think of myself as a composer and idea generator. and i use the banjo. but i'm not really a banjo instrumentalist in that sense. there are so many guys that play the BANJO, and many, or most all, teach very inexpensively at camps and the like. they sort of have all that sewed up. i use the banjo to get ideas across and don't really play it in that way, so i'm not much use to someone trying to learn how to play. though i did make a video series for very beginning players that i gave away free on youtube. i'm happy to give whatever knowledge of the banjo i have, you are welcome to it.

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