Danny Barnes

First time I saw you live, I was not expecting to see you. I went to the Green Frog in Bellingham, WA to see "The Way Backs" and walked in on you playing your second song of the night (I think). I already had a couple of your albums, but did not know you were opening. You blew me away with a Thelonius Monk tune shortly after I got there, and I have been wondering ever since if you would do a jazz album. Monk on Banjo seems to fit in with all the electronic, wonderfully weird stuff that you do. I'd love to hear an eclectic album of your take on stuff like Monk, Ornette Coleman, Hancock, Brubeck (maybe turk), maybe throw in some good modern stuff too. Just a thought....

No matter what you do, just keep doing it. Love your stuff

Danny Barnes responded on 08/26/2013

well i appreciate your listening and reaching out and saying something nice. for me, i don't have a motivation to record an album with a jazz parameter. i'm not even really sure how or why or anything along those lines. i try to use things i've learned from listening to those records in all my work. but i don't think i would do a good job of making a record with that genre title. it's nice of you to say something positive though and i appreciate that.

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