Danny Barnes

Iv seen videos of you playing guitar (with great style in my opinion) and Iv read album credits that have said you play mandolin on certain songs, I especially remember reading that on Bad Liver album credits online. I was just wondering, as someone who also plays more than one instrument, if you wouldnt mind sharing how you divide up your practice time among the different instruments that you play

Danny Barnes responded on 10/19/2013

i really just practice the banjo. i'm able to play different things, but i mainly work on banjo. i only have so much time and so much life so i just work real hard on that. principally what i do is make up ideas. so...i just use instruments to express the higher ideal of what i'm coming up with. so, i'm not really an "instrumentalist" in that sense, however i do practice and the banjo and work real hard on that. what i do involves lots of recording, research, and all kinda of stuff.

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