Danny Barnes

Do you do much audio engineering? And if you dont mind me asking do you mostly do live sound or studio work and do you think working as an engineer has helped to make you a better musician or equipped you with a broader musical mind frame and approach to writing and playing?
Thank You for taking the time to answer these questions, not everyone is so willing to share the knowledge theyve accumulated over the years or to share their philosophies and approaches to things in life, it shows how much you respect your fans by taking the time to answer these questions

Danny Barnes responded on 10/20/2013

my main expression of audio engineering is in my own work. i don't work for others in this regard. my whole intent of studying the discipline was to be able to make my own recordings. so that's what i do. and yes being very comfortable with recording is super helpful when it's time to make records obviously. the little label that i run out of my kitchen just released it's 13th title, which is called shri 108. and i just do studio work, no live sound other than being a live artist. being an engineer is very helpful in producing and also composing and also as a session musician on other's recordings. it has been very important for me, and i figured out that it would be of great use to me at about 19 years of age. i use the things i learned [and learn] every day of my life pretty much.

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