Danny Barnes

Love the new album :)

Who are some of your favorite songwriters and composers?

Danny Barnes responded on 10/21/2013

thank you for listening to that. gosh there are too many to name here. i like william blake's poetry. albert ayler, don stover, matthew from godflesh, ronny lane, charles ives, gerard grisey, stravinsky, the new york dolls, really all the greats that had something to "say." or said it in a new way, and hopefully kept developing the idea. van dyke parks is very interesting, there are a lot of great electronic guys right now i like the gold panda. i think the ghostly label is great. so many. this is a really great time to be a fan of music, or to look at music for research or inspiration of a jumping off place or whatever you'd want to call it, because the database of all that exists, symbolized by the letter e in my system, is vast.

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