Danny Barnes

Do you have any favorite movies?

Danny Barnes responded on 10/28/2013

well i'm not a super movie fan. i like music and books first, then movies it would seem. but my favorite movie is the ghost and mr. chicken. i know that sounds silly. i really like the score by this guy vic mizzy, a very interesting guy and somewhat of a devotee of the schillinger method which is another very interesting study. i like certain types of movies like 50/60's sci fi. and i like 60's westerns. i really like the score to to kill a mockingbird i think franz waxman is fantastic. my first thing though, is sound. and poetry. and for me, poems and novels and music exist in your head, and you flesh out the characters and fill in the details in your own internal movie screen. movies sort of nail everything down for you in a way i find less enjoyable. i respect it as an art form, but i prefer a more participatory experience. example, radio dramas. they are kind of in-between, and i really like them. i love animation, and indie shorts. and comic books.

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