Danny Barnes

Hi, Danny. I am a musician who performs in a lot in bars and at party's and am often approached by people between sets or after shows who like my music and want to connect with me personally. While their understanding of my music may be perfunctory, their enthusiasm is genuine and I am fully cognizant of the fact that it is only through their support (as a group) that I am able to pursue my ambitions. Now, as you well know, it can take some energy to deal with strangers possessing a marginal understanding of your craft and, often, a higher-than-average B.A.C. Do you have any tips on how to be gracious and patient with my admirers, and stay focused on the gig without being an ass and alienating my fan base?

Danny Barnes responded on 11/11/2013

well that's kind of the big question really. it can be tough. it's sort of like a bell curve. in the middle, most folks are pretty cool and nice, and then on the positive end, there's some really uplifting folks that inspire and encourage. then on the other end there are folks that really want to take you down a peg or two or whatever. i don't really have an answer, and struggle as well. sometimes you talk to someone and you get this weird kinda sick feeling in your stomach and it can last a couple days. i try to get away from those folks as quick as i can. take heart in the low numbers of energy vampires, conscious or unconscious. forge ahead.

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