Danny Barnes

1- What does your typical independent practice involve?
2- I mark you as the modern-day John Hartford; your use of words & melody is astounding, as was JH's. How do you start out on writing a song?
Thanks for the inspiration ~Jeff

Danny Barnes responded on 12/10/2013

i work on playing in all the keys, keeping time, learning music that i don't know yet, superimposing keys onto other keys and rhythms onto other rhythms, exploring different sounds on the instrument, creating tone rows, the yusef lateef book and the slominsky book, in general working on things i can't do.
i appreciate your relating me to john. he was a true hero of mine. however i'm greatly humbled by his example, he was a true master. i however am not. there aren't very many true masters in the world at any one time. but he surely was a true master.
the way i start writing is i make little tiny notes of poetic ideas. and then have editing periods where i string ideas together. i read novels and poetry recreationally to spur my own interest. so i start from a set of short tiny little ideas. and then build from there. in making a record, i treat it like a movie. and the songs are scenes. i used to throw away lots of ideas. now i can work with most everything.

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