Danny Barnes

who was the banjo guy for you?

Danny Barnes responded on 01/01/2014

earl scruggs was my first master. i spent several decades learning every note of his i could find on any record of his i could find. i even learned where he was off [very rare of course]. i never got to sit down with him, though i did meet him in later life. he was very nice. i spent several decades playing the scruggs book into a tape machine at 60bpm for students, probably the greatest practice i ever had. john hartford was another master i studied greatly though i was never able to play even one bar of banjo music that sounded like him. ever. the last person i took on as my master was don stover. he had a wide palette and could sing great and front a show, as well as write fantastic songs. the people i study now tend to be more composers and improvisers and producers and engineers. i suppose earl is my master though it is said you need a living master. in that since, pat cloud has a very highly developed sense of harmonic development on the banjo. there also is an internal master.

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