Danny Barnes

How does your music influence your spirituality, and vice versa.

Danny Barnes responded on 01/03/2014

well, that's a good question. and one i'm not really qualified to answer too good. for two reasons. i'm not a master of music and i'm not a spiritual master. so i'm not a good person to ask. here is one way you could look at the two.
music is spirituality and spirituality is music. they are one. and inseparable. early on i had a master [earl scruggs] of music and i studied everything i could find of his. i learned everything i could possibly learn from every record of his i could find. it took decades. i did not finish this project. it's still going on. and through this study, i began to learn things, non-verbal or pre-verbal, that helped me to understand a lot of other things about other musics. he was my master. and through this it dawned on me, there are masters of the spiritual endeavor, that can provide the same type of light. what is it, by learning, that i learn all things? so a master provides the light and guidance to attain the One. hazrat inayat khan says all is vibration.

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