Danny Barnes

Do you miss living in Austin?

Danny Barnes responded on 01/07/2014

no. i'm not really the sentimental type, and see things as going THAT [forward]way. i miss my friends of course. but there were a lot of benefits to moving to the northwest. principally, the chance to work with contemporary composers like wayne horvitz, robin holcomb, eyvind kang, and bill frisell. at the time i was an austinite, there was kind of a bar band thing going on that was a bit of a cul-de-sac and i'm glad to not be involved in that no more. i want to make my own style. i really love where i live and i walk on the beach everyday and ride my motorcycle and so on. austin was pretty cool in about 1978, man that was awesome. logistically, austin is well situated and i miss that. the new york seattle flight is a crusher. so many moved there to "do music" that it diluted much of the energy and i'm glad to not have to deal with that. the idea is to get on the front side of trends and not the back side. buy low sell high. buy high sell low don't work so good.

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