Danny Barnes

Why 108?

Danny Barnes responded on 01/21/2014

at a certain point i found myself on this email chain with various baba lovers throughout the world. and i came to realize i had bhau's email. [bhau was with baba for a long time, kinda his right hand man in certain respects. and the eventual chairman of the baba trust.] so i began a correspondence with him, which enriched my life greatly. and that's how he would address me. shri shri 108 danny barnes. i even asked him why he used that, and he laughed and made jokes like….well i couldn't call you ____ and he would substitute other numbers in there that would be multiples of 108 or would be some type of juxtaposition of those digits etc. bhau answered one of my greatest questions about life that i have had since i was able to …..well…think. and i never got the answer for years and years and he laughed and playfully gave me the answer i sought so hard to find. and it made me really happy and it makes me happy just to write this. he blessed me beyond words. he gave me the answer i sought.

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