Danny Barnes

While I love your albums I would have to say, in my opinion, there is nothing to compare to seeing you live or seeing "live" videos of you playing, just you and your banjo, its gives your music, by which I mean your playing, singing style and lyrics so much more of a powerful and authentic feel, to me anyway. I was wondering if you would ever think of putting out a "live" solo album, just you and your instrument? I do love your albums but your solo playing is phenomenal.

Danny Barnes responded on 01/21/2014

good point. the thing is, tapers. if you look at archive.org there are hundreds of live shows that get put up. there are these folks, tapers, that work really hard at making this database available to all. for free. so in true form, the Miracle of the Self Correcting Universe has appeared. just go to that site and you will find more free live shows that you will have time to listen to. so i don't need to record a live album because there are already hundreds and you don't need to a. buy or b. wait. you can get that which you seek now. free. in copious amounts. also, you can come to a show and tape it yourself and have your very own personal live record.

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