Danny Barnes

First, thank you for your Youtube tutorials, and other free (and paid) music at various sources. You are quite generous in an age that does not applaud that quality.
My question -- I have a reasonable knowledge of guitar, but (other than your videos) none of banjo. Why are rolls played with two fingers? I am used to using three fingers to play guitar. Would it be wise to abandon this for banjo?
Thank you -- Howard Gengarelly

Danny Barnes responded on 01/29/2014

well the reason is, someone started doing it that way and folks copied that guy. however, in regard to the second question, technique serves the music. not the other way around. if you can get a sound doing whatever it is your doing, you win. i've seen fellows play with just thumb and one finger, and sound great. i've seen guys use lots of fingers. the goal is to arpeggiate around a melody. so, use whatever works for you and that's good enough. play your music and don't worry about all that too much i don't reckon.

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