Danny Barnes

I am learning to play banjo, and it's going really well thanks to your advice and those great video lessons. I am so encouraged by this that i am beginning to learn to sing too, which i have never done before. Any advice on how to approach learning to sing at the same time as playing banjo?

Danny Barnes responded on 02/04/2014

no i don't really have any ideas too much in this regard. other than hit the woodshed. i'd guess taking a tune you want to sing and learn to play the chords so well and smoothly that you don't have to think about them, and then work on doing that while you sing over the top. you can record yourself to check timings. after a few years, it'll be kinda like one deal instead of two if that makes any sense. john hartford used to say in order to learn something, just stand in your bedroom and pretend you can do it. that's another approach. see what happens.

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