Danny Barnes

i'm blown away by your playing, bought a few albums today and watched live at grand lodge.
can i ask you what effects pedals you're using , and what program are you using on the mac during the performance?

Danny Barnes responded on 03/25/2014

i use max/msp. you can make whatever you want in max. it's made by a company called cycling 74. there is a download that i believe is unlocked for 30 days or something like that, the last time i checked. there is a free version available called pure data. in my show i have some simple pedals like delay and distortion, but they are duplicated within max [in the computer] also. plus other stuff as well. as i said, in max, you can think of an idea and just do it. there is a bit of a learning curve. they teach it at a lot of universities and colleges. and there are more and more things online for learning as well. other programs that are good are audio mulch and logeloop.

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