Danny Barnes

You mentioned earlier about the components of a banjo song being a kick off, the tune, a variation, back-up, and an ending. Where would you recommend that I could look to find these concepts expanded upon and gone into in detail?

Danny Barnes responded on 04/15/2014

well, in the music itself. look there. just imagine that you sit down with a friend to play, and you have a tune you want to pick. what happens. well first you have to start. so you'll someway of beginning. if you just start playing the piece, it's going to take him a sec to figure out what you are up to. a musical kick off or start, telegraphs your intention in a really clear way. okay, so you started and just played the melody twice. now what? well play the melody in a different way now...so play a variation of that. okay now what? well you are kinda hogging things let the other person play awhile, so you do back up chords and let them go awhile. okay so he goes a few times, and looks at you to play..so you hit it a couple more times around the melody...well let's stop now. let's use an ending that wraps it up so we can get on with our lives. something like that. now listen to a ralph stanley recording of an instrumental banjo tune and pay attention to the sections. earl. don stover.

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