Danny Barnes

Being a solo musician, ill-mannered audiences sometimes seem obligatory to deal with. Do you have any techniques to make them shut up and listen?

Danny Barnes responded on 04/16/2014

no i really don't. i'm at a loss. i usually just hang in there and try to get to the end of the show. it's weird. i would guess that things used to be more artist driven, and now things are so consumer driven [with the comment section of everything], folks just kinda think they own everything. heck maybe they do. i was just at the vet and there was a lady in there talking real loud about how great her dog was and that breed is really the best and her life is so great and everything is so great. just like at gigs sometimes. like when you overhear, over the music, what is being said, it's kinda like listening to a fb post about how someone has been working out or some shit. pretty much anything i try to do won't work. so i just hang in there and try to go the distance. there's about 20 little things you can try. but basically, an energy vampire doesn't know they are doing that behavior. so if you point it out, they will deny it. so there's nothing to be done. i have no answer for this.

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