Danny Barnes

Hello I am trying to figure out how to play a song on the banjo the song is a contemporary Christian song by Big daddy weeve the song is Redeemed can this be played on the banjo if so could you help me out. Thanks for any help/advice, Robbie Smith

Danny Barnes responded on 04/24/2014

well i don't know this piece. but i would say, yes. get two things. a. a banjo chord book. b. a copy of the sheet music of this song. somewhere in the top left hand corner will be a fraction printed on the music. probably 4/4. so, for each measure of music [a measure is one perpendicular line to the next perpendicular line, following along on the staff, there should be four measures of music on each line of staff, something like that depending on the song.] strum the banjo all the way across four even times. if the fraction is 3/4, strum it three times in a measure. change chords just like it says. [get the chords out of the chord book.] this is a very simple way of looking at things. but it will work.

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