Danny Barnes

the question of finger picks came up a few questions back. i have been playing without them a while now and getting a sound i like. many people seem to think you have to have them, but most of those people i'm not at all interested in sounding like them. however you and john hartford use them; so i am wondering are they something i will have to come to terms with sooner or later? what's the inside scoop on these things?

Danny Barnes responded on 04/26/2014

oh sucks, if you are getting a sound you like, i wouldn't bother with picks and would just forge ahead with what you are doing with your fingers. i'm using them less and less. the thing they will give you, when playing in an acoustic type band with several other instruments, is volume. and they have a bright clear tone. like switching to the bridge pickup on a telecaster. it's very helpful but at the same time one kind of has to be careful with it.
if you are liking your tone, your problems are over.

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