Danny Barnes

i have gone and learned to read standard notation and like you said, it's pretty fun. i got a pile of fiddle tunes and so far have read and played through waynesboro and billy in the low ground a bunch of times each. my question is, at this point am i better off memorizing these two and bringing them up to speed (then maybe figuring them out through the cycle of fifths); or should i better keep on adding new ones so i have to keep reading, to improve that skill? my aim is to get more ability on the instrument, not necessarily to prepare recital pieces.

Danny Barnes responded on 04/26/2014

well i wouldn't sweat it too much if you got a basic handle on how to read. what that will do is help you understand mechanically/musically what is going on with the banjo. the harmonic end is a little hidden with the tuning et al. so my suggestion is to just get a good handle on notation. yes you want to just be able to "play" and not worry about it. you've already done the task, which is to simply get a handle on it. knowing how to read the language you are studying is helpful.

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