Danny Barnes

how do you strike a balance between wanting to be better at your art, realizing that choices and limitations will dictate that you can't do everything as well as you might wish, and being ok with where you are in the process at present?

Danny Barnes responded on 05/24/2014

i don't do too good with that. i kinda stress about it. but i meditate a lot and that helps. i just keep working and don't know what to do about all those things. it helps to focus on the music itself and try to have a good day in the day that i'm in. the master says we are in the age of kal yuga [google that] and in that respect, it's best to keep your head down because the battle in your head and/or the external one will surely rage [it's the same battle]. especially if you lose focus. in a sense all the problems boil down to one problem. and can be fixed with the same answer.

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