Danny Barnes

How do you feel about a tabs section? I'd love to try and learn some of your banjo riffs.

Danny Barnes responded on 05/24/2014

it takes so much time to do what i'm doing, i don't think there is time for more things on the plate. i can just tell you how to play like me: study earl scruggs/don stover/john hartford/napalm death/the clash/red foley/charles ives/derek bailey/ornette coleman/lee perry/lots of delta blues. make practice and study the biggest part of your day. learn to read music and all your chords and scales. take your best idea and learn it in every key [keep doing this]. find a master of any instrument close by you and see if he or she will accept you. study the bible, gita, guru granth sahib, william blake. jump at any chance to be the worst guy in the band [kill your ego, for if you don't the system will kill it for you which is much more brutal]. take classes in audio recording. continue to research, practice, and edit develop your own fingerboard system and musical vocabulary. play a lot of gigs, 150 a year should do it. tune out negative criticism unless it's from a master. keep your ideas.

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