Danny Barnes

What was the very first band/artist that took you over? How did that music steer you into bands like Napalm Death & Zeke etc? And what/who was your first influence in the bluegrass? I have similar tastes, so I'm curious about when these happenings occoured in your life as well.

Danny Barnes responded on 05/27/2014

john hartford. he was on teevee when i was 10. monroe, don stover, charlie poole. in the first half of the 70's we had the new york dolls, mc5 and iggy pop but then the punk rock happened. saw ramones on rocket to russia tour [richard hell]. it's not so much that one ...."style"...led to another, it's just i've always been hungry for good music, and didn't see differentiation between things. the punk rock evolved into the metal...grindcore...electronic. i've always equated underground with interesting and avoided mainstream. it seems like used to, everything that wasn't mainstream was kinda lumped together which may have been pretty healthy. i think all the marketing ideas of the last few decades has made it so easy for folks to consume music [which has it's good points], that they become confused on several levels but i digress. it used to be a lot more work. i never left a '70's toots and the maytals concert thinking gee they didn't play the song i wanted to hear. it was an honor.

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