Danny Barnes

I gather that you're a vegetarian and that you don't really indulge in any vices. Have you ever had any vices? I just wonder because you're pretty great at writing unscrupulous characters in your songs, and it seems that some of that knowledge can only come from experience.

Danny Barnes responded on 05/28/2014

i've gone through a lot of challenges at various times i've been hungry, broke, in jail, addicted to drugs and alcohol, beat up, ripped off, flew through a car window at a high rate of speed, didn't have no where to go and so on. i gave that life up a pretty good spell ago. i have a meditation practice that prohibits drugs, alcohol, meat [eggs], tobacco, and you need to lead a low impact lifestyle and stuff like that.
i still have challenges, and am not a master. i just keep at it. i don't know what else to do. a lot of my poetry comes from that conflict.

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