Danny Barnes

For someone who's not a musician, nor professional artist, nor a professional writer, but just a very intelligent person that works a somewhat dissatisfying day job, what advice can you offer on finding happiness and fulfillment (for the normal folks)?

Danny Barnes responded on 05/28/2014

i'm not a good person to ask i don't reckon, i don't really like to try and give advice per se, rather i just lay it out there like: if you want this particular result, you might try A. there's too many folks giving advice and too many opinions so i shy away from that. i would figure that in the microcosm of music, you can find a true master. and he or she can tell you everything you need to know and show you everything you need to know. and that must be true of life in general as well, a true master has to be available. i think a true master has several qualities. one, they never ask for money or care about money. two, they don't have a hierarchical system whereby if you adhere to certain behaviors you are rewarded or punished. [non-dual]. i would suggest reading the discourses of meher baba, and anything by sant kirpal singh you can get your hands on. cutting through spiritual materialism by chogyam trungpa is important. the story of arjuna in the gita.

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