Danny Barnes

Just saw you and your friend Matt at the Juan de Fuca festival and was wondering what that archtop guitar was that you were playing? And I didn't see a typical archtop pickup or humbucker. Tell me a little about that guitar. You guys were on top of it, playing spontaneously, lots of warmth and excitement. thanks for the music.
Jory Kahn

Danny Barnes responded on 05/28/2014

that is a very inexpensive plywood guitar. my friend glued a picture of meher baba on the headstock so my friends and i call it the baba guitar. i walked into one of my other friend's guitar store and was talking to him and grabbed that guitar to play and he said no one had even picked it up for more than a year, so i bought it and use it. i felt like the spirit of the guitar needed a home and place to sing.

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