Danny Barnes

Hi I am a young artist trying to find my way. How would you recommend getting noticed to be signed or even become and opening act?

Danny Barnes responded on 05/28/2014

you prolly want to ask someone that has been noticed. i'm so far underground i'd have trouble getting arrested.
i suppose it would be good to consider making the art exactly where you want it to be first. it's very easy to arrange a persona that is "available" to lots of people that may find it convenient to support you that week or whatever. but you want to go the distance. and the way to do that is by making the art really great. and that takes time. if you are doing something great, and you can function pretty well as a human being [return phone calls, add and subtract, not seek to advance yourself "through" the work of others] you will be fine. the world needs art and is hungry for it.

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