Danny Barnes

No direct question, Just want you to come to Austin more often if possible. I'm an old school fan- used to come see you with the Bad Livers on thurs nights at the Saxon in south austin, seems like a million years ago. The Agony Column cover of 666 guns for satan was more fun and funny... Well, you know, banjo music makes you smile. It is always a hit to turn someone on to your music, it never fails to win you a new follower. I play badlivers tunes around the campfire eveytime I get a chance with my guitar, even though I'm mainly a drummer. Did you ever see my band the dogshit rangers back in the day with Tom Smith? Here is my austin Dream Band idea. You with Warren Hood on fiddle, and who cares who else! We miss you down here in Austin. The sun shines alot... Yeah, sure you've heard that one before. Keep bringing those smiles, Mark Nester

Danny Barnes responded on 06/30/2014

i remember seeing that name on flyers, but i don't recall having actually seen the band i don't reckon. i get down there about two or three times a year to play.

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