Danny Barnes

We all know that you fully embrace current sonic technology to create your unique music, but what kinds of drawbacks do you encounter amalgamating traditional instruments with electronic machinery? Do problems ever arise affecting your live performances and how do you handle malfunctions so that you are not completely reliant on the technology?

Danny Barnes responded on 07/27/2014

that is a really good question. the short answer is, i can just stand there and play. so in a sense it doesn't matter. but your point is well taken. consider this: in a four piece band, the odds of everyone being 100% at any given moment is pretty low. the odds are very likely someone's gear is malfunctioning, someone's kid is in the hospital or someone's girlfriend is very very pissed off, or they are sick. in a sense, no one is really immune from random weirdness. i can reboot in mid-set and have probably done it...say...8 times [software crash]. i just quickly re-patch the banjo straight in, take computer off-line and do a hard restart. the longer i tweak my program the less likely this is. i will take my odds with the set-up i'm working on. oh yeah, and the PA's mess up sometimes too, even if you are an all acoustic band. oh yeah and weather problems. yes problems do arise, but the longer i work at my craft the more outs i seem to find. i try to always move forward AMF.

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