Danny Barnes

I read your interview in the Banjo Newsletter a few days ago and have started to discover your great new recordings and your interesting blog. For some time I am thinking about creating my own electronic backingtracks for my guitar and banjo playing. I have never heard about the Renoise software before and was thinking about getting Ableton Live. What makes Renoise the tool of your choice? Thank you. Caspar, Switzerland

Danny Barnes responded on 08/12/2014

well if you are making backing tracks, ableton live is probably better. i just used renoise on that particular recording {junior sampled}, it's a tracker based system. and works kind of like a big sampler. there are lots of softwares for music that are good. reason is awesome. but for backing stuff, i think ableton live might be the way to go. by the way there are some really good daws for the iPad. check out nano studio. you might could do everything you need there. or imaschine. the korg gadget is a badass iPad app, so is the mpc pro by akai. you kinda gotta find the system that matches the workflow that makes sense to you.

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