Danny Barnes

Hey Danny-Thank you for doing what you do.
How long does it take you to write a song? I'm sure this changes depending on the situation/material... but do you typically gig around with a song until it is considered 'done'? Or like... write some, go away, find it again... repeat until you have something good?
The reason I am asking this is because I think it takes me forever to finish a song. I never think it is good enough!

Danny Barnes responded on 08/12/2014

i think it takes writing about 100 songs before you kinda get the hang of it. and by so doing, you will learn the process. i make little notes of most of my ideas, then when i go to write i have these little bits i can edit together or use as a foundation. you know you are finished when it sounds really good and you can play/sing it, and make really good recording of it. i tend to work on one till i'm finished. i can write, arrange, record, and mix a song in two long days of work. so i would say keep at it. once you write a big stack of them, it gets easier. you might be getting hung up on self-evaluating too early and it's hindering you. forge ahead. for me it's a craft like building a fence. a fence builder doesn't take forever to do it. he takes the materials at hand, considers the landscape, and goes to work. and then goes and has a sandwich.

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