Danny Barnes

You spoke of learning at age 46 how to gauge what your true value as a performing musician. What did you learn?

Danny Barnes responded on 08/12/2014

well, my true value period, not as a musician. what i was referring to was...i was in a trap where if my business was going good i felt good and if my business was going bad, i felt bad. so at some point i learned that i have value as a human being and can be of service to humanity, even if i never play another note. i came to this realization from studying the teachings of jesus [i've read the bible about 7 times straight through like a novel and what i got out of it is vastly different from what is normally associated with that tome], and more recently the beloved meher baba. in short, we have to let ourselves off the hook at some point and via some method. otherwise..well, you know what we get.

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