Danny Barnes

A Question about "Folktronics":
I've heard you talk about the track "Falling Down the Stairs (with a pistol in my hand)" being an integral breakthrough in developing your style and exploring new sonic endeavors. Had you been experimenting with this new form pre-Hogs on the Highway, or did you present the idea to the band and they were hip to you using your feelers to navigate through this new space? Since the form is so ambiguous and there is basically no expectation (or standard) of the end result, do you build most of your tracks as you go and kind of see where you end up, or do you write the song first and embellish/modify afterwards? Furthermore, I also read that you sample "accidental sound" like dogs barking or car doors slamming ... ambient noises incorporated into the track's basic form. How does experimentation with these techniques alter your idea of "perfection" not only with the use of sampling but your banjo playing as well?

Thanks Danny
-Dr. Cotton

Danny Barnes responded on 08/28/2014

well, i just did the track and they seemed okay with it, but i'm not really sure how they felt about it at all really. i hope they thought it was cool. i start with a small idea, and then keep screwing with it until i build something i like. there's a process that involves sorting through lots of samples and sounds. it's kind of like a video game where you get dumped into a world and then start walking and you find little things that help you later. as far as perfection, i have long ago given that up in my own playing. i can only work with things as they are. i'm not a virtuoso in that sense. i know some and can introduce you, but i'm not. so, i have to do the best i can with what i have, and i can make feels and sonic things and approaches like that. i'm not really a landscape artist. i do more impressionistic things if that makes sense. realism is not really my bag. i went through/go through an unbelievable amount of pain in this realization of failure in that sense, yet keep going.

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