Danny Barnes

Hey Danny!

Can you tell me about your fingerpicks? Do put the thumb pick near the knuckle? Do the Index and middle finger picks go in the centre of your fingers or do you turn them slightly? What type you use? i'm looking for something a little more comfortable than what i have..


St.John's Newfoundland

Danny Barnes responded on 09/03/2014

well them pro-piks or whatever have two bands that can be more comfortable. take you some needle nose pliers and slightly flare up the edges that dig into your fingers. they never feel .....like they don't hurt they kinda dig in to make sure they are on there good, so you kinda gotta live with some of that. i use real simple stuff that you can get in any music store, nothing exotic. it's a matter of: a. shaping b. getting used to wearing them.

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