Danny Barnes

the bandcamp app is working out really well for me both as a way to buy and listen to your music. do you plan to get the rest of your catalog available there? i would re-buy your stuff i already have just to get it all in the same place. also just an idea, but some of that live stuff from the archive.org would be cool to have on that app (and cool to send you some money for how much i listen to those shows). thank you so much for all you do, your art has had the most profound and positive effect on my life.

Danny Barnes responded on 09/03/2014

no, just new stuff. stuff that's on labels, i'm not able to sell on my own like that. i'm glad you are enjoying the music. yes bandcamp is pretty great, most all the dough goes to the artist and the end user can download various formats. on social media when folks repost and repost the articles about how bad the numbers are in music, you never see that format mentioned. but as far as downloads go, that platform solves everything. i suppose most folks quick to comment only know enough to say something negative, and not enough to dig around and find something that works great. also the end user can stream with a free phone app. viola.

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