Danny Barnes

Hi Danny! I'm a big fan of your music and overall vibe. I recently introduced my buds to pizza box and they have been just as blown away as me! haha. In all your years of traveling and playing music, what is the funniest or strangest thing you've seen on the road?

Danny Barnes responded on 09/08/2014

well i seen a guy get shot, it didn't kill him it just winged him, though..i suppose that's not really funny or strange. one time at the alamo lounge in austin in about 1983 i got a peyote button in the tip jar. that was the world's slowest load out. i don't know just lots of funny little things nothing really epic. when you are around a fair amount of cash and drugs and alcohol, i suppose some kind of strange things happen, but then, they happen and they aren't strange no more. i could write a book but it would be really long and would have no point. one time i was on a commercial jet that we thought was crashing, the pilot everyone thought we were going down with no landing gear. my friend had on a pair of headphones and was oblivious. as the stewardess passed by one more time for her final check and the whole plane was in crash position and we are all scared to death...my friend takes his headphones off and asks her "excuse me miss can i get some more of them peanuts?"

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