Danny Barnes

Would a true master reveal himself or wear a disguise?

Danny Barnes responded on 09/08/2014

well, a musical master is very easy to tell because of the music. [i am not one, but i can introduce you to one.] you can hear them. the ones i have met, were just right there in the open, though at any one time there are only a handful available to us. now, as far as spiritual or life master or just master in specific, i have never met one so i have no idea. i've looked and looked and read 1000's of books and asked to meet one over and over and i have never been blessed with this. [there are those that say they can be met on the inner planes] the closet master [chronologically] i've ever read about is meher baba. he didn't wear a disguise at all. but that part of your question, i can only guess, which isn't an answer. perhaps i'm not ready, or my karma is way too heavy and can't be escaped, i don't know. but i keep trying i don't know what else to do. i feel like giving up a lot, and i'm not sure what that means either. you asked a very good question.

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