Danny Barnes

i often go and look up things that you mention in your blog posts, interviews, and in response to questions here. always i am glad to have these discoveries, they expand my knowledge not only of music, but of philosophy and spirituality. some of my favorite stuff, i have gotten from you, and i have a backlog of things that i have not had time to look up yet.

your own music, despite that your interests and influences are so diverse as to overwhelm the student with so many directions all at once, it all hangs together and makes sense; it has a continuity throughout your long career. oft mended raiment, for example fits nicely with your most recent work, and even the earliest bad livers material that i can find seems of a piece with your later work, (despite that you continue to get better all the time).

it is almost as though you set out from the start knowing where you were heading to. how is this possible?

Danny Barnes responded on 09/19/2014

i don't know, you make a point here i've never considered. perhaps, in the idea of oneness, my higher self is guiding and thus it knows, but i don't consciously know.
or perhaps i'm sub-consciously trying to explain away things and look for information that backs up some pre-conceived notion, or conditioning. i'm not sure the answer. you make a good point.

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