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Hey Danny,
So, what's up with the "gigs" section of your website here? It's said you have no upcoming gigs for a couple of months now, but rumor has it you're playing with Matt Sircely (and I'm super bummed about the Eugene show getting cancelled-please reschedule!). Where can I find out when you're playing?!?

Danny Barnes responded on 10/03/2014

sometimes i get wore out on trying to make out like what i'm doing is a "big deal" or something on social media. i apologize. i try to stay up on it as best i can, but sometimes i feel kinda silly making out like i'm some important person and i'm up to some big deal and so...i kinda let that slide. i've been practicing a lot and spending most of my time learning how to play better i must confess. i'll get back on it and get better about getting the word out. i kinda got burned out on FB and all that stuff. thank you for your patience and support. i'll get better about that.

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I sold my Deering and got a Barnes model Bishline after playing one in the store and loving the woody tone. I've never been much of a banjo mechanic and was hoping you might indulge me in a couple of questions about set up. I read in your blog about how to amplify a banjo that "the slightly shorter scale allows you to run heavier strings which fatten up the tone." How heavy are we talking? I haven't seen any brands that sell anything more than medium for banjo. Would you be willing to share what gauge strings you run? If the banjo was set for light gauge strings and I throw something a lot heavier on there am I going to need to get the truss rod adjusted to account for the added tension? I realize a lot of this stuff comes down to personal taste and feel, just looking for a jumping off point. Also do you have any advice about tuning the head?

Thank you for time. You are a continuing source of joy and inspiration.

Danny Barnes responded on 10/03/2014
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Hey Barnes! You have worked diligently to avoid the stylistic pigeon hole of "bluegrass" artist. Do you sometimes see your more 'out' Barnyard improvisations as a form of Resistance to this attempt to commodify and consequently reduce your art ( I guess I'm specifically referring to your live performances) into something more commercial? I suppose Punk was originally a form of Resistance until the dominant culture absorbed it, but I'm really looking at improvisation these days and I suspect there is a 'punk' , path less taken aspect motivation your fantastic improv work? I dunno maybe this makes some sense?

Danny Barnes responded on 10/03/2014
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