Danny Barnes

Hey Barnes! You have worked diligently to avoid the stylistic pigeon hole of "bluegrass" artist. Do you sometimes see your more 'out' Barnyard improvisations as a form of Resistance to this attempt to commodify and consequently reduce your art ( I guess I'm specifically referring to your live performances) into something more commercial? I suppose Punk was originally a form of Resistance until the dominant culture absorbed it, but I'm really looking at improvisation these days and I suspect there is a 'punk' , path less taken aspect motivation your fantastic improv work? I dunno maybe this makes some sense?

Danny Barnes responded on 10/03/2014

you ask a very good question. the short answer is "yes". i'm trying to push things forward. from what you write here i think you have a pretty good understanding of what i'm up to. i'm a fan of some of these genres that are really healthy and have constant innovation, and so i think that needs to happen in acoustic or picking music or whatever you call that stuff. new types of records need to be made. lots of these records in my ....realm or whatever, are mixed exactly the same, and sometimes i feel like folks spend more time shopping for spats and vests then taking lessons and learning to play as well as possible. and i feel like the microcosm "industry" or whatever that is, of the infrastructural system of this...field or genre or whatever, is severely lacking in terms of functioning in a win/win paradigm. much of that stuff is modeled after older structures that never worked that well to begin with, so what's the point of that? i suppose it's my job to try and forge ahead.

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