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Your article on "how to play in someone else's band" is a great chunk of solid gold information! THANK YOU ! ! ! ! !

Danny Barnes responded on 10/14/2014

oh i'm really glad you found value in that, i kinda took some email heat on that, kinda bummed me out a little, but some folks seemed like they were encouraged and i'm happy about that.

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Hey Barnes! You have worked diligently to avoid the stylistic pigeon hole of "bluegrass" artist. Do you sometimes see your more 'out' Barnyard improvisations as a form of Resistance to this attempt to commodify and consequently reduce your art ( I guess I'm specifically referring to your live performances) into something more commercial? I suppose Punk was originally a form of Resistance until the dominant culture absorbed it, but I'm really looking at improvisation these days and I suspect there is a 'punk' , path less taken aspect motivation your fantastic improv work? I dunno maybe this makes some sense?

Danny Barnes responded on 10/03/2014
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Hello Danny,
I'm 57 and its time for me to learn to play the Banjo! I've been waiting all my life since I made a Banjo when I was about 7 years old, using piano wire. :)
Drums are my other passion and one day I'll learn to play those too.
Thank you for doing the 5 videos they will be my starting point.
I'm intrigued that your blog mentions Captain Beefheart and Trout Mask Replica - I love Don Van Vliet's music and have done so since I saw him on Old Grey Whistle Test playing Full Moon Hot Sun and then Peaches.
I'm digressing:)
I would like to order a 5 string Banjo online (I couldn't go into a music shop and purchase one - too self conscious). Please can you suggest a make that I should consider and size. I don't want to play Bluegrass, but folk, rock, Irish, punk, pub rock (love Willy Deville and Dr. Feelgood) etc.
I'll spend what I need to for a Banjo that will grow with me as I learn to play.
Also can you recommend a DVD set to supplement your 5 videos?
Kind regards,

Danny Barnes responded on 10/14/2014
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