Danny Barnes

Hello Danny,
I'm 57 and its time for me to learn to play the Banjo! I've been waiting all my life since I made a Banjo when I was about 7 years old, using piano wire. :)
Drums are my other passion and one day I'll learn to play those too.
Thank you for doing the 5 videos they will be my starting point.
I'm intrigued that your blog mentions Captain Beefheart and Trout Mask Replica - I love Don Van Vliet's music and have done so since I saw him on Old Grey Whistle Test playing Full Moon Hot Sun and then Peaches.
I'm digressing:)
I would like to order a 5 string Banjo online (I couldn't go into a music shop and purchase one - too self conscious). Please can you suggest a make that I should consider and size. I don't want to play Bluegrass, but folk, rock, Irish, punk, pub rock (love Willy Deville and Dr. Feelgood) etc.
I'll spend what I need to for a Banjo that will grow with me as I learn to play.
Also can you recommend a DVD set to supplement your 5 videos?
Kind regards,

Danny Barnes responded on 10/14/2014

haha, i listened to a LOT of mink deville and dr. feelgood!!!
i would get a deering good time. prolly an open back one. those are pretty good banjos, they work pretty good. it's a good first banjo and if you play for a while, you'll learn more of what you like/don't like and can make a more informed purchase based on experience. they aren't expensive and they work.
i don't know of a dvd set per se, however google tony trishka's online banjo stuff he has a whole program that is likely very good. also google banjo hangout and banjo newsletter.

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