Danny Barnes

I got a question about intellectual property rights. Due to the fact that you sample a lot of stuff, I figure you are pretty familiar with the rules regarding the acquisition of licenses using other artist's IPR's. I remember reading that you use shortwave radio for audio samples (which is a totally cool idea by the way) so how do you know what content you have to obtain licenses for? I suppose I'm also curious about covering "traditional" tunes on albums. If the composer is unknown, must you acquire a license?

Danny Barnes responded on 10/14/2014

i'm not really going to directly respond here because it isn't my capacity to answer legal questions. however, the questions you ask are all easily researchable, it's pretty standard and all that. some of the songs that you think are traditional actually have copyright holders, and then sometimes even songs that have authors will have lapsed. so it depends. there are several websites in regard to song clearance that are actually pretty good. i don't endorse any in particular but you can find them easily and they have searchable databases et al. these are good questions and i appreciate your asking, but you have to understand they are like tax questions, beyond the scope of a "fan questions" section of a banjo players website.

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