Danny Barnes

Hi There. I just bought an old Tascam Mf P01 cassette 4 Track. There seems to be a strange problem with the input jack. I can not get it to pick up a mic signal. But the meter moves in direct relation to the volume slider. move up or down lights are lit higher or lower but don't move with mic sound. Also with arming a track and recording anyhow I still do not get and sound to transfer to the tape.
Is this something you think can be fixed? or should I just chuck the machine and look for another. I was really looking forward to getting to record on tape.

Danny Barnes responded on 11/21/2014

those things, being old, can be a bit of a tarot card thing. give it a very good cleaning with the proper spray. even in the headphone jacks and input jacks. start there. i would keep the machine and also look for another, you might could use a parts car as it were. there could be something happening that isn't obvious. a really good thorough cleaning of all the controls and jacks would at least eliminate that. it's worth having fixed if you don't see the answer yourself. here is a pdf of the owner's manual, though a shop manual would be more use: http://tascam.com/content/downloads/prod...

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