Danny Barnes

In the songs "Rich boy blues" and "Money moves up" You seem to be expressing dislike/concern for financial inequality and undeserved financial success/comfort. I am curious what you would do if tomorrow you found your self totally financially secure through no specific act of your own. Suppose a long lost uncle died and left you 5 million dollars. What would you do with the money? How would your relationship to producing your art change if you didn't have to earn a living from it? Would you spend less time driving around playing gigs and more time developing your spiritual practice? Would you feel a responsibility to do something humanitarian/charity based? I realize hypothetical questions can be annoying and I won't hold it against you if you don't feel like answering. Money is such a large part of everyone's life and I'm just curious how you would live yours if producing an income was a non factor.

Danny Barnes responded on 12/12/2014

your question made me think, and i realized most of the stuff i want to do doesn't require money. but if there was a giant pile of dough around, it seems like sometimes the homeless don't have access to healthy food, and i have a friend of mine that lives in his truck that used to be a chef. and i would fund him to make a food cart with really good vegan food and drive into seattle everyday and give away food. i would fund three or four floundering waldorf schools, and would also start a series of waldorf schools in the south. i would start a foundation to study a simple little exercise or mediation or art or something, that would help kids concentrate better. i would give it away. i pretty much have everything i need.

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