Danny Barnes

Hello Mr Barnes. From a fan in the UK. Looking to get the Banjo into my life but not sure where to start as I've never even attempted to play an instrument. Watched your Youtube clips and found them a real inspiration. My question is where should I start ?? Beginner books then move to a tutor, or a combination of both. Lots of forums talk about Janet Davis and Earl Scruggs as good beginner books. Would you recommend these teachers ??? Just need a little guidance. Hope you can help ???

Danny Barnes responded on 12/12/2014

janet's stuff is great. google banjo hangout. subscribe to banjo newsletter. tony trishka has an online thing that is likely very good. sore fingers camp there in the uk would be good. there are good teachers there. i used earl's book from the beginning but it's kinda hard. i like the old version where the standard notation was indicated. there's lots of stuff. when i started there wasn't hardly anything. i still take lessons.

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